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How i improved my mental state with microdosing

I don’t really remember how long we had been quarentined with what the Dutch government then called the “intelligent lockdown” but I knew that being trapped inside meant that it was time to look out. 


From the start of the whole lock down period I had told myself that settling in to a state of sorrow and being scared will do me and my family nothing.  That this was the time, maybe now more then ever, to get my shit together and stay sharp. 


With the help of a number of Youtube videos I changed up my physical training routine to incorporate more body weight excercises then lifting weights.  I stocked up on supplements and vitamins.  I made sure that I got more then enough sleep. 


I dove back into my library and reopened the books of wisdom that I have acquired over the years.  I began to fill my mind with positive visions of this world and the one beyond. 


From certain podcast that I listened to while venturing out to walk the dog, I heard the term microdosing again and again.  I had had some expierence with psilocybin in university and after.  In recently years I found that I just did not have the time for it.  Until I did a bit of research into the idea of microdosing.  A way to energize my mind on a daily basis was something I was interested in and needed. 


As a poet I am always looking for ways to work with my ideas, to add fluctuation to how my brain may process the information around me.  When I started with Earth Resonance in the early spring I noticed immediate results.  A slow building warmth building into my brain, sort of a gradual rush to a somewhat more awake state of being.  I felt the edges around my ideas sharpen and at the same time soften to allow new ideas in. 


Over the course of the weeks I was able to find a comfortable way to incorporate microdosing into my daily routine.  I felt like I was adding just one more essential supplement to my normal routine.  I found myself relaxed during a time of heightened stress and more intune with my health and overall well-being. 


I look forward to continuing my usage of psilocybin and microdosing in the coming month.  After a short break I am looking forward to countining with my routine with Earth Resonance.  A positive push forward in my mental health that has radiated into the rest of my being.



Joshua Baumgarten

The Irrational Library



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