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Microdosing for a month with Earth Resonance

You start with a relatively small dosage every other day, and increase it until you hit your sweet spot, which turned out to be 1.2 grams for me. This is all dependent on body weight, health, et cetera, but you can easily figure out what works best for you by slightly increasing your dose every other day.

If you want to follow the Protocol the way it’s intended you’ll have to stop drinking coffee and alcohol, stop smoking, keep track of your daily progress and meditate every day.

I did this for the first week until I realized it wasn’t doing much for me. The reason I started microdosing was for productivity, not for personal growth. After spending a week at my mom’s cabin without microdosing (I didn’t want to tell her), I decided I would finish the month but not do all the Protocol-stuff. It turned out to be a great decision.

In the stressful months leading up to our flagship conference, I did a dose every time I had a busy day ahead of me. It noticeably improved my productivity, especially in the first half of the day.

It’s hard to describe the effects of a microdose accurately without sounding like an ad. You know how sometimes you have a really productive day, for no discernible reason? Microdosing gives a similar feeling. Tasks get easier to tackle, you feel more creative, and distractions are easier to ignore.

It’s important to note though that it’s a relatively minor effect — so I suggest you set you expectations accordingly — but it’s a powerful tool once you get used to it. The effect is subdued, you might even barely notice it, but the results I saw in my work were far from it.

Article written by The Next Web 

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