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How I reached my personal goals with microdosing

I have almost completed my first month microdosing with the Natural Psylocibe. I have applied the method which was described in the booklet provided by Earth Resonance. First of all the technicalities: I received the package within 2 days, in very good conditions and with the truffles perfectly packaged: visually and by the smell it was clear that they were extremely well cultivated, crunchy and with the typical pleasant aroma and smell of fresh nuts.
The booklet is very clear, provides safe instructions, as well as a very healthy approach to self development through the experience. I think this makes it very valuable, especially for people who may be less experienced as well as at their first contact with the psylocibe. You'll be safe and sound! I have used the dosage and the frequency advised, buying the precision scale as recommended (this is an important step, as it is almost impossible to judge visually the right weight).
I have worked during the whole month at my normal 8 hours job, and the microdosing has not affected negatively any of my activities, physically, as well as in tasks requiring analitycal or communication and soft skills. On a deeper level I can only share an immense graititude for how this experience has allowed me to develop. I set my intention at the beginning of the month, working on some specific issues and existential hurdles which had been keeping me unsettled already for some time. It has been wonderful to see how the truffles have taken me by the hand, on a very subtle level, opening the space to insights and a level of understanding that has been heart warming.
The psylocibe clearly worked through dreams, through clarity and creativity, surprising me with an inner wisdom and a freshness of prospective that slowly made it to the surface day after day, pointing out precisely to the issues I had set to resolve in my initial plan and providing with answers that I will cherish in the years to come.
I completely recommend embarking on this journey to everyone seriously interested in selfdevelopment and willing to take this experience sacredly and with love. And thanks a lot to the people at Earth Resonance for taking the quality and safety of their product so much at heart! 
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