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Trinity - Advanced Microdosing Cycle - Earth Resonance
Trinity - Advanced Microdosing Cycle - Earth Resonance
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Trinity - Advanced Microdosing Cycle

Earth Resonance
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Fresh pre-cut sclerotia

Your body has the best technology to heal. Therapeutic Microdosing with Earth Resonance means, getting Mind-Body and Spirit back into alignment. Trinity invites you to gain a deeper understanding of your internal state, highlighting the truth that our external reality is a reflection of our inner world.

This product is specifically for those who have more experience with microdosing and / or are looking to strengthen their connection with their body, leading to a deeper understanding and synchronization of their physical being.

• 16 grams in package: contains 4 x 4 grams sealed in vacuum packaging 

genus: Psilocybe Mexicana

• For 1-month microdosing (depending on your preferred dose)
• Grown on ancient grains (gluten-free)

• This is a fresh product. No powder, preservatives, fillers, or artificial ingredients
• Use directly, upon arrival
• Dose consciously

  • Insights into Mind-Body-Spirit Complex
  • Theurapeutic Microdosing
  • Enhanced awareness of body's innate wisdom
  • Strengthen alignment between physical and mental state

Store in your refrigerator directly. 
Keep moisture-free, close the packaging carefully and protected against UV light.

Best before: After opening the vacuum sealed bags in the package it is best to consume within 14 days. Unopened you can store it safely, sealed in the vacuum package in your fridge for 1 month.

Consume directly upon arrival. Dose every other day for 30 days and take a 30 days break. After this break you may start a new 30 days cycle. Read the protocol for dosing instructions.

We recommend using a micro-scale click here. This helps you to exactly calculate the weight of Earth Resonance, you can start with a small dosage to test how you feel and build it up slowly to your preference. 

Consume raw on an empty stomach or mix in tea, smoothie or shake. 

The Earth Resonance Protocol E-book is included to give you the right tools to transform your life one step at a time which includes: 

• How to set the right intentions? 
• Earth Resonance Pyramid
• Evaluation Calendar 
• Reflection exercises
• Microdosing schedule
• Delicious recipes
• Gratitude practice
• Meditation
• Breathing exercises

You can download our E-book in your order confirmation. Please read carefully before you start your 30-days cycle.  

With Earth Resonance we work together with different practices. Our Protocol can be used for therapeutic use. Are you a scientist, psychiatrist, or other mental health profession aligned to our mission? Send us an E-mail. 

Shipping: please read our shipping policy before you place your order

Check the regulatory status of this product in your country before you order.
*Shipping in the EU only

Tap into the frequencies of the Earth and resonate with higher frequencies. With our Protocol, we support you on your journey of transformation.

We only work with the best in the industry and leading farmers in the Netherlands specialized in the most important thing, honoring the earth and high potency of our sclerotia, by growing them slowly. This state-of-the-art facility is a completely controlled environment (temperature, hydro system, etc.) with standardized parameters suitable for microdosing. The fertility of the soil is the base of our product, that is why we grow our sclerotia on ancient grains, the most nutritious soil, to guarantee the best quality and bioavailability. That’s is why we can assure you, the safest way is to start your microdosing journey with Earth Resonance. 

For every order, we plant a tree! 🌱