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Earth Resonance Care

Earth Resonance Care

Earth Resonance
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For all your questions during your microdose cycle, you can contact our microdose Care Specialist. Our Care Specialist is especially for you if this is your first Microdosing cycle. The Care Specialist is available via the app Telegram to ask all your questions.


Our Care Specialist can help with:

  • Help set your intentions for your cycle.
  • How do I start my microdosing cycle?
  • Questions about the dosing regime
  • Talk about experienced sensations
  • Optimization (with regard to supplements)
  • Your Care Specialist is your buddy during your cycle

Our Care Specialist is not intended for:

  • Psychological diagnoses
  • Medical questions
  • Not a treatment method

Our Care Specialist is available for you between 9am and 5pm every working day.