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Earth resonance®

The best microdosing experience


Microdosing with Earth Resonance means following our 30-days Protocol to transform your life. Meditation, breathwork and Resonance hacks help you to align to your true self, reduce stress and help you to find balance from within. Through everyday affirmations we help you to make your brain your best friend.


Personal transformation

With our Earth Resonance Protocol you become aware of your subconscious mind and helps you to unlock your fullest potential.

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Spiritual awakening

The path of spiritual awakening can be full of wonders, this is a gradual process. Are you ready to embrace the oneness?

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Therapeutic use

With our team of therapists we support you in your life transforming journey to a happier and healthier you.

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Optimize your Microdosing Cycle
with Immuno Defense +

Advanced Immuno Support

  • Wild grown mushrooms complex 
  • Lion's Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Chaga
  • Standardized to 30% Betaglucans
  • Your daily dose for 30 days
  • contains 60 vegetable capsules

how does it work?

When you start your Microdosing Cycle with Earth Resonance, you will receive our Protocol which guides you through your journey. We believe that a good preparation and professional support will make sure you can reach the best possible results for you. We believe in a well balanced cycle where we help you finding the right dose.

After your first 30 days of microdosing, you will have one month of rest. This is called the integration period. After this month you can continue with the 2nd cycle. 

microdose with
earth resonance

The Protocol that guides you through your transformation

It's our ambition to help you transform your life with the help of mother nature's most powerful fungi. We don’t believe in medicines from a lab, but in the ones from the earth. In combination with our protocol you are going to become aware of your feelings, thoughts and release emotional blockages suppressed or holding on unconsciously.

Microdosing can give a kickstart to get in that new direction of your transformation. It lets you experience compassion for yourself, nature and live a fullfilled life.

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