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Raise your vibe naturally

Earth Resonance Therapists

What is microdosing? How to prepare yourself for your cycle? What foods to avoid? What are the do's and don'ts? Starting your microdosing cycle can be filled with questions. How does microdosing effect your daily life? At Earth Resonance we have an integrated approach, we do not only offer the best Sclerotia for microdosing but our Protocol is taking it a step further, specially developed to build a new you. We understand this is not always easy to do.

That's why we are here to guide you.

Whether you are looking to set new intentions, break bad habits, money blockages, addiction or if you are looking for help during your healing process? Our team has years of experience with treating addictions, overcoming depression, PTSD and a holistic way of living.

We help you every step of the way

Raise your vibe naturally 

Emotional pain can get literally stuck in the brain and can result in physical pain. The way we think and the way we feel, everything is connected in what scientists call the field. Changing your life requires a new way of thinking, a new state of mind, which can change your energy field. This is not a quick fix,  but a commitment which starts with acknowledging the resistance that is created through traumatic experiences. Releasing this resistance is not a lineair process. Through the foods we eat, the way we speak, daily affirmations, meditations and asking ourselves empowering (auto-inquisition questions) we are able to raise our frequency naturally and build resilience from within. This is what will reflect back into our reality. 

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Meet our Team

Our team of Therapists have experience with deep transformation processes, the application of psilocybin and spiritual healing. We have a diverse team and connect you with the best match to fit your needs. Please meet our head coaches

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Coach Microdosing

Sarah Hope is a plant medicine mentor, coach and certified nature retreat leader specializing in microdosing and harmony with the living world. She is also a mother, musician, and ceremonialist. She has trained and worked with many plant medicines and guided ceremony. She leads trainings on plant medicines for health care professionals. As a coach she works both individually and with groups to guide people back to their own powerful nature so that they may fulfil their unique contribution to humanity. In all endeavors, her core philosophy the only true measure of success is return to one’s true nature.

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Coach Personal Development

Gabriel”s calling to become a guide and therapist came through a personal experience with plant medicine over a decade ago, and he has been ever learning in how best to assist humans to find healing in all aspects of their lives, be it mental, emotional or physical. As a practitioner of oriental medicine and insight meditation, he believes that mindfulness and the right type of breathing play a vital role in living a happy, fulfilling life in balance with our environment.

Microdosing with guidance

Earth Resonance Consult - Earth Resonance
Earth Resonance Consult - Earth Resonance
Earth Resonance Consult - Earth Resonance

Earth Resonance Consult


We know that everyone is different. Therefore everyone has their own intentions, questions popping up or feelings to release, before, while and after your microdosing cycle. 

To become more aware of this, we offer the best coaches our country has to offer. They are well experienced with personal and spiritual transformation and know-how to help you during this process. By providing a professional coach to your journey we ensure you that the best way to start microdosing is with Earth Resonance.

Our coaches offer a 1h consult divided into 4 parts;

1) 15 minutes before your cycle, to help to set your intentions.

2) 2 times 15 minutes in your cycle, to help you asking reflective questions.

3) 15 minutes after your cycle for help with the integration of your experiences.

All our coaches are specialized in their field of knowledge

we bring you in touch with the best therapist for you

*Dutch and English speaking

For every order, we plant a tree 🌱

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