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Microdosing experimentation part III

If you haven’t already checked out part I + II of my micro-dosing experience you can find them here and here. I wanted to write my third and final post of this protocol to sum up my experience and my personal takeaways. 

It’s been over a month since I ended the experiment. I did end 3 days early which I’ll be telling you about, as well. 
First off, would I recommend micro dosing?

Absolutely, I feel like there’s very few people I wouldn’t recommend this to. I ended the protocol feeling both gratitude for the progressive laws in the Netherlands, and at the same time a bit bitter that other countries have laws against selling and consuming this plant, therefor so many people don’t have legal access to this healing substance.. 

Let’s go back to this specific protocol. I purchased the truffles through a company named Earth Resonance and they provide a support ebook with each each order. They recommend setting an intention when starting the protocol. They also have you evaluate which areas of your life you’d like support in during the experience. They give you a little example triangle that you can make and fill out on your own. Example pictured below. 

Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 10.25.55.png

Over the past year I’ve learned how immensely powerful intention can be and I’m learning through both this experiment and my herbalist friend Whitney Artell that this is a very lovely and receptive way to work with plants, as well! Where intention goes energy flows.

Personally, I chose to focus on my business, my health, and my finances.

So what happened over these next 27 days? 

Well it felt like a bridge of sorts. I started getting more intentional about these areas. I hit my best financial month in business but I also gained more clarity and confidence in this area. 

On the same day I started the protocol I also started a 40 consecutive day Har for prosperity meditation. The protocol and the 40 day meditation felt very supportive for one and other. Again, the power of intention!

The biggest thing was my eczema improvement. I went from having more days where I was struggling with my eczema than not, to the opposite! 

I stopped 3 days early because I was having pretty significant anxiety, to be completely transparent. The anxiety was more body focused anxiety and I can tie it back to not eating enough on the protocol. The anxiety was a bit wirey. I mentioned in my previous posts one of the drawbacks was that I wasn’t as hungry. I had lost about 2 kilos and I’m already pretty small. The anxiety lasted about a week after I ended the protocol and I made an effort to eat a bit extra during this time which definitely helped.

Over a month later and things have only continued to improve in all of these areas. The truffles seem to be a really beautiful support system to my goals and helping me achieve them. I had previously wondered if maybe I would feel a bit dependent on the truffles if they supported me in any areas of my life, but by the end of the experiment I could feel my body letting me know we didn’t need to work with them anymore for the time being. They had supported me exactly enough for the time being.

As a teenager I was put on many different medications from Ritalin, SSRI’s, to steroids and Immunosuppressive drugs. Although, I’ve been free from these for almost a decade now, I wonder what the world would look like if instead of a heavy focus on pharmaceuticals, there was more of a focus on plant based medicine. I do think these pharmaceutical drugs have heavy side effects that I had to mitigate for years after stopping them. Between microdosing and my TCM herbs I take, I haven’t experienced or read about anything like this with plant medicine.

I think on an energetic level this plant is uplifting. They really do seem to connect you with the present moment more. I will definitely do this protocol again when I’m feeling the call again (+ make sure to eat consistently.)

My biggest take way is that I have everything I need inside of me and the plant supported me in bringing that out even more. We as humans are so much more powerful, capable, and magical than we give ourselves credit for. If you are ever doubting your power or need some emotional, mental, or spiritual support I think looking to the plant realm for support is a beautiful + healing option. 

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  • Thank you. Enjoyed and learned a lot from your blogs.

    Kieron Concannon
  • Hi there – thanks for the great review it’s really helped me understand how to go about using these in the right way. Can I ask you, what dose did you finish on? What was you’re sweet spot? I see you mentioned that you started on .33 then upped to .58 (seems like a lot) how did you feel? Thanks


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