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How can Psilocybin help you?

Let's talk habits!  

Longtime habits are entrenched at the neural level. How to break them and replace them with healthy ones? 

At the core of every habit is a neurological loop: a cue, a routine and a reward. But what lies underneath? Unhealthy habits can turn into addiction, caused by unreleased stress, trauma, unhealthy patterns, or emotions that have not had a chance to heal and be released. It takes constant willpower to try to fight the habit or addiction, but this is often not offering the long-lasting results you’d hoped for.  


How can Psilocybin help you?

How can psilocybin help you?  

Trials with psilocybin have helped long-term smokers beat their addiction (Johns Hopkins study published in 2014 in the Journal of Psychopharmacology). Tobacco is the single leading cause of preventable death. We all know how unhealthy this habit is, yet very difficult to quit.  

How were they able to quit with psilocybin? By understanding the roots of their addiction. Instead of reacting on the neurochemical to suppress the physical craving triggered by nicotine, psilocybin works differently.  

Psilocybin helps you to reflect on the deeper cause of the craving, a deeper knowledge of the mental image that leads to your behavior. It helps you to identify the cue, which triggers the response and helps replacing the reward with a more healthy thought. This breaks the loop patterns and enables you to change your habits.

Earth Resonance Natural Psilocybin is known for it’s ability to help you to go inward, reflect on your behavior and introspect. Instead of exhausting your willpower you are able to redirect the course of your life by making new, healthy and meaningful decisions which are enhancing your life.  

Our Earth Resonance Protocol has an integrated approach. We help you set the right intentions and evaluate your progress. The more specific you are with your intentions, the easier it will be! 


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