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How to raise your body's frequency

Our human body has the best technology. We resonate at an optimal frequency. A healthy body resonates at a frequency of 62-70 MHz. When your frequency drops to 58 MHz, that is when disease starts. Bacteria, viruses, and disease each carry a low frequency that influences your energy field. Also emotions, thoughts and sounds are frequencies. Blocked emotions or trauma can be stored in our body, which can eventually, if not processed, may become a physical problem.  

Everything we listen to, speak, ingest and surround ourselves with affects your energy field. The good news is we can become aware of what lowers our vibration and lift it naturally. how to become aware of it? 

  1. intentions: everything remains in a state of neutrality until you form an intention, in combination with the believe it creates a strong energy field with a vibration which aligns to your nature. 
  2. thoughts: the vibrational energy of your thoughts in combination with an elevated emotion creates resonance and attract frequencies to manifest into material ‘things’,.
  3. emotions: emotions are energy. Fear and anger separates you from the field, shrinks your energy field and lowers your vibration. Love, gratitude and joy are the highest frequencies and is a connective energy. It expands our energy field and amplifies to manifest directly. Your action increases it’s momentum. 

Love and high vibes 🌱 

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