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The Fatigue Fighting Fungi: the Power of Turkey Tail

Tired of being Tired? Turkey Tail may be your answer!

At Earth Resonance we believe in the power of natural remedies, that is why we offer a range of wild harvested medicinal mushrooms to support your well being. 
We are highly selective in what we add to our product line. Besides our famous Natural Psilocybe we have 5 other Natural Supplements we have developed and we source and produce for you with care. Let's talk about the fatigue fighting benefits of Turkey Tail.

History of use

Turkey tail mushroom, also known as Coriolus versicolor or Trametes versicolor, is a type of medicinal mushroom that has been used in Chinese and Japanese Medicine for centuries to boost immunity and and improve overall health. It is now widely recognized for its medicinal properties and is often considered the #1 anti-fatigue mushroom.

Earth's Resonance Turkey Tail grows in the wild forests of Mongolia and is sustainably harvested, produced and packaged.`


5 key reasons how Turkey Tail helps you fight fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition characterized by persistent fatigue that is not explained by any underlying medical condition. The exact cause of CFS is not known, but it is thought to be related to a dysfunction of the immune system. If you're looking for a natural way to reduce fatigue, Turkey tail mushroom may be the answer.
1. Improved energy metabolism
Turkey tail has been found to have compounds that support energy metabolism. Studies have shown that Turkey tail can help to improve the mitochondria function, which is responsible for producing energy in the cells. This can help to reduce fatigue and improve overall energy levels.

2. Immune System Support
Turkey tail mushroom is rich in compounds such as beta-glucans, polysaccharides and proteoglycans which have been found to stimulate the production of white blood cells and help to boost the immune system.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties
Turkey tail has antioxidant properties that can help to neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is thought to play a role in the development of CFS, and reducing inflammation can help to reduce the symptoms of CFS.

4. Stress response improvement
Turkey tail is also rich in beta-glucans, which can help to improve the body's response to stress. By improving the body's response to stress, turkey tail may help to reduce the symptoms of CFS, such as fatigue and weakness.

5. Protect mitochondria
Ergothioneine is an antioxidant that is found in high concentrations in Turkey tail, and it has been found to protect the mitochondria from damage. It acts as a scavenger of free radicals, which can cause damage to the mitochondria, and it has been found to have a protective effect on the mitochondria by preventing the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Ergothioneine also helps to maintain the integrity of the mitochondrial membrane and can improve the function of the mitochondria, leading to better energy production and reducing fatigue.

How to use?
Add Turkey Tail to your daily routine. It's not only energizing but also tastes delicious. Brew your own Turkey Tail Tea. Steep it in warm water to unlock all the bioactive compounds and enjoy the benefits of this powerful Mushroom. Do not use boiling water, 80 degrees Celsius is best. You can combine Turkey Tail safely with Natural Psilocybe.

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