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I started microdosering using the "earth resonance" method.

My name is Roel,
A 27 year old lover of Sports, acrobatics and active lifestyle. At a younger age I used to do a lot of spiritual practice such as meditation and my connection to nature was a main focus point in my life. Somehow I lost track of this during the last tree years. 

November 2020 i found myself suffering from a severe herniated disc in my lumbar spine. This completely interupted my life as i wasn't capable of doing anything at all. It was as if my life was standing still. I couldn't move, or do any physical activity. This totally shattered my outlook on my future as i feared this were going to change everything. At this point all the things i used to love doing where stripped away from me. 

After a couple of weeks i slowly started to move again and it seemed to me that i could be looking forward again. I had loads of free time as i quited all previous activity. That's where i discoverd microdosing.

I regained interest in the healing potentials of various psychedelic substances as i had experienced this before in my late teens. I remembered previous experiences with high dosis of psilocybine wich completely changed my perspectives on life for the good. For the first time since years i felt like i had lost something along the way.. Something valuable.

I started microdosering using the "earth resonance" method.
During this period i really started to change my perspectives. 
For the first time i was able to really think about what actually happend with my injury. Why did this happen? 

I started to feel gratitude towards the point where i lost all my ability to maintain the way i was going about my life. For the first time i could see that despite the tremendous pain and the loss of the things i liked so much... I was able to see opportunity.

This very realization brought me back to the love i once felt.... 
The appreciation for nature, meditation, spiritual practices, me and life itself. 
For the very first time i could accept that my body had put me to a hold as i wasn't going to myself. 

I started to meditate again and i regained my interest in the things i used to love so much. After a while i slowly started walking and moving again. My excitement for life grew back and for the first time i felt like this wass going to be ok in the long run.
Until this very day i am getting better and better by the week. I even started doing acrobatics and training again. 

Microdosing helped me tremendously realizing the importance of my situation and accepting the consequences of my ignorance towards the purpose of my very own life. It helped me to be objective and work with the situation as it had presented itself instead of getting caught up by fear, sadness and misunderstanding. 

In the end it isn't the psilocybine of course, it's you doing the work.. Its you finally able to be honest towards yourself and the situation you're in. Not from fear, not from anger but from love, gratitude and understanding! 

Much love, Roel

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