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Microdosing experimentation - part II

Welcome or welcome back. We find ourselves today at day 18 of the 30 day micro-dosing protocol and I am happy to share with you how it is going.

If you didn’t read my first blog, you can check it out below if you’re curious. I decided to do a 30 day micro-dosing protocol. I am micro-dosing truffles / psilocybin. This particular protocol is created by the company Earth Resonance, here in The Netherlands. They not only ship the organic truffles to your home, but they also provide you with a protocol. The protocol is designed to support you in monitoring and increasing your overall wellbeing during the 30 days. Basically, they work to enhance your experience with charts to monitor your progress, breathwork, and meditation suggestions.

I’m using what one could call a bit of “chaos magic” for this protocol. I am mostly following the steps, but also using my intuition and some outside research to adjust. Instead of taking a dose every other day, I am taking a dose every 3rd day which seems to be the most researched way to do it. The one other “rule” of the protocol I did not stick with is cutting out caffeine. It calls for no drugs, alcohol, or caffeine. The first two I can do no problem, but I really love my morning cup of coffee and decided to forgo that restriction. After all, I wanted to see what difference it was making in my “normal” life.

So what is micro-dosing? Micro-dosing is taking a low dose of a substance. The micro-dosing of psychedelics does not produce the same trippy or hallucinogenic experience that taking an actual substantial dose does.

A quick google search on “the benefits of micro-dosing psilocybin” and you will find an array of both scientific research and personal accounts.

I’m here to tell you my personal experience.

My overall analysis/ theory / intuition is that micro dosing much like a trip, supports whatever you have going on in your life. However, it’s much more subtle and carries less risk of a “bad” experience. I think that whatever one is tending too, working on improving, setting intentions for the mushrooms are a nice support. I am also becoming increasingly aware of how important intention setting is in life in general - but more on that later.. I’m also speculating that they could support you in what you need, much like how CBD works at balancing whatever your mind needs ( info based off of a podcast I listened to I haven’t really tried cbd).

Let’s start with my perceived benefits.

  1. Habits. For the past couple of months I’ve been working on my daily habits. Bringing in new habits that will increase my productivity, my health, my mood, and my overall well-being. Some of these habits include no phone one hour before bed and 1 hour after waking (It’s a bit cringe that I ever did it any other way, tbh), journaling in the morning, adding in meditation daily, to name a few of the newer ones. In the past 18 days I’ve not only stuck with these habits but also added in additional habits including daily reading, a Har prosperity meditation I do every morning, and I’ve started setting time aside daily to learn Dutch, again. EVERYDAY. The biggest part of all of this is I am really enjoying each of the habits and not just doing them to “be better” or “get better.” This goes back to my original post, I didn’t realize how distracted I truly was prior to this experiment.

  2. Meditation. I consider myself super woo, but meditation as not been my primary source of daily mindfulness. I prefer movement mindfulness like yoga, and walks by myself in nature. I now find meditation pretty easy to slip into and actually enjoy it.

  3. My health. My eczema has significantly improved since I started the protocol. Not only does it look and feel better, but I think and worry about it significantly less in my daily life. I am also on a mixture of Chinese herbs, so I’m sure it is the combination of the two. Nonetheless, this is huge, and a side effect I was not sure if I would actually get to experience. I am also sleeping better. Not AMAZING, but fine.

The downside.

  1. Anxiety. I would say although my overallwellbeing is improved, my anxiety is increased. Even on the days where I am not taking a dose I feel a bit more anxious. The anxiety doesn’t last long, but it’s there. Earth Resonance actually offers an option for coaching for people embarking on this journey, and I think that having a support or coach going through this would ease my anxiety a bit.

    Overall, I would say it’s a quite positive and subtle experience. I’m excited to see where I’m at when I finish the 30 days. I will post another update at some point. Thanks so much for reading!

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  • thanks for sharing the experience :) If you have problems in regards to anxiety, I’d really suggest taking the caffeine out of the equation, especially in this scenario and also considering your past years with ritalin/adderall . If u’re attached to the ritual/taste side, you could try de-caffeinated coffee, or instead drink some green tea which has way less caffeine and contains l-theanine (which counteracts and balances out the rushy/anxiety caffeine could give) :) hope this can help and if you try it, please share it with us.. cheers

  • Thank you for sharing. I’ve just placed my order and I can’t wait to try the cure. I am particularly eager to go through this on my own, I feel I need to reassess the way I do things in my Life and I carry answers within me.


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