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Illumination Package - Microdosing Cycle - Earth Resonance

Illumination Package - Microdosing Cycle

Earth Resonance
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Take your health into your own hands. Optimize your health routine to clear your mind and enlighten your life. With the Illumination Package you will raise your vibration, protecting your cells and enhance vitality. Re-calibrate to a new energetic baseline and you will be ready to hold a new frequency.

The Illumination Package contains the following supplements:
- Natural Psilocybe: contains a natural source of Psilocybin (fresh mushroom form)
- Lion's Mane extract (powder)
- Natural Vitamin C: from Rosehips & Acerola (capsule)

Free radical damage can damage cells, causing illness and aging. Natural Vitamin C contains a source of vitamin C and is a powerful antioxidant, which may reduce inflammation by neutralizing free radicals that cause oxidative damage to your cells*.

Learn more about the scientific benefits of this 30 - days package:

Vitamin C
- Good for mood
- Cell protective
- Contributes to a clear mind
- Helps protect healthy body cells
- Positive effect on the immune system
- Beneficial for a good mental balance

Lion's Mane Mushroom*
- strengthens the nervous system 
- memory

- Contributes to wound healing
- Contributes to kidney and bladder function
- Contains naturally occurring antioxidants
- Antioxidants contribute to the total antioxidant capacity of the body
- May help strengthen our body's defences
- Antioxidants can protect you from radicals which cause cell damage
- Used for mental and physical fatigue. 

Enhancement of vitality
Helps to make you feel more energetic

* these claims are currently under review by the EFSA