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bridging the gap between science, plant medicine and ancient technology

By offering products that help to improve our lives and the health of our planet.

At Earth Resonance it's our mission to bring back the sacred use and healing benefits of plant medicine used by ancient civilisations. It's our ambition to help you transform your life with the help of mother nature's most powerful fungi. 

The transition from biotechnology to therapeutic plant medicine

In our daily life we are focused on instant gratification. We are constantly bombarded by external impulses of stress and belief systems of society of what we should eat, drink, watch, play, belief and behave. This conditioning is what we like to break.

We are here to reshape the way we think and make you see that we already have the best technology, our human body! 

Humans have relied on plants to cure diseases since ancient times. But since the beginning of 20th century this rapidly changed. Instead of wild herbs, plants and fungi, the pharmaceutical industry has made us believe that we may find the cure of our suffering in a pill, seeing ourselves as seperate and not understanding our own human body. Patented medicine are merely treating symptoms, not the root cause of illness. 

We believe in medicine from the earth, not from a lab. Wild plants and fungi are still being researched in the hope to understand the bioactive compounds and how it effects our body, mind and spirit, but often remain a mystery. A wide range of bioactive compounds are synthesized by pharmaceutical companies and patented to benefit the industry. This is what we would like to see differently. We have to look deeper. Taking back our power, activating our self-healing mechanism by bringing back balance into our lives and returning to nature. 

Seeing ourselves as a whole, connected with each other and our planet sheds light on a new perspective. 

Will we ever be able to fully understand the universal spirit? We can not understand it, but we can always feel it.

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Our mission

Life can put us under extreme pressure, feeling as if you are not fitting in, or even feeling lonely or depressed. Do not let life knock you down. You are the creator of your own life. Everyone has the capacity to get the best out of their life and self. You only have to align to it, sometimes your consciousness needs a little upgrade. Here we are. A little guidance into the right direction is necessary for breaking old habits and creating new patterns in your life. We bring you knowledge based facts, science and new practices.

It’s our mission to support you in your journey of transformation for physical and mental wellbeing, raising your vibration naturally and finding your purpose. It’s Earth Resonances' vision to bring ourselves back into alignment with our natural state, which is love, joy and in service of others. 

With this mission we envision a world where we rely on selfcare, plant-medicine and selfdevelopment tools to accelerate the evolution of consciousness, developing our innate abilities we long thought were forgotten.

By combining our high quality products with the Earth Resonance Protocol you and the universe will do the rest. Everything is within you, you just have to allow it. No need for clinics or other pharmaceutical synthetical drugs, just raise your vibe naturally.

Natasha de Jong

Chief Earth office

Earth Resonance

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Years of experience

Natasha is well qualified in bridging the gap between spirituality and science. She has a great trackrecord of bringing unknown nutritions into Western civilization.

Why she does it

At a young age I was inspired by the quote of the Dalai Lama: ‘If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in the room with a mosquito.’ This inspired me to study Political Science, to make a positive change in the world through policy. I was very grateful that this led me to Africa, Congo, one of the most unstable countries in the world. Working for different NGO’s in the field, I realised, it is not about changing the world, ‘it is about changing me’, taking accountability for my own actions instead of blaming society. How can I do it differently?

Our Western society in the 21st century has made us believe that we are the most advanced society. But believe me, Congolese survive malaria with herbal tea’s, not western synthetical pharmaceutical medicine which are patented and too expensive for the local community.

This inspired me to learn more about plant medicine and why we are suffering in society. How do ancient tribes in remote areas fight disease? No depression, addiction or chronic disease. Are we creating our own suffering? The ancient tribes already knew centuries ago what we are now discovering. Did we lose the connection to ourselves, our own bodies, our own natural abilities, nature as our source and a purpose of living?

Thank you for supporting our mission!

With our team at Earth Resonance we are creating a new industry, a pioneer in the field of self empowerment and powerful plant medicine who have transformed the lives of many. By activate the self healing capacity of the body through plant medicine, we are here to help you transform your life!

We resonate with what we are, that is why we are inspiring you to raise your vibration. How? Resonate with our source, Mother Earth, creating more coherence in our brain and heart is the cure. Release the fear of the future and forgive the pain of the past. Love yourself, love your body and love your life, because this is aligned to our true nature and resonates with your new life.

Resonate with love,