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Earth Resonance Consult - Earth Resonance

Earth Resonance Consult

Earth Resonance
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We know that everyone is different. Therefore everyone has their own intentions, questions popping up or feelings to release, before, while and after your microdosing cycle. 

To become more aware of this, we offer the best coaches our country has to offer. They are well experienced with personal and spiritual transformation and know-how to help you during this process. By providing a professional coach to your journey we ensure you that the best way to start microdosing is with Earth Resonance.

Our coaches offer a 1h consult divided into 4 parts;

1) 15 minutes before your cycle, to help to set your intentions.

2) 2 times 15 minutes in your cycle, to help you asking reflective questions.

3) 15 minutes after your cycle for help with the integration of your experiences.

All our coaches are specialized in their field of knowledge

we bring you in touch with the best therapist for you

*Dutch and English speaking

For every order, we plant a tree 🌱