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Hoe ik meer rust vond in mijn hoofd met microdosen

After researching the benefits of microdosing, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to give it a try. We had just bought a house that required a complete renovation, which we decided to do ourselves. In addition, we are both at a point in our life in which we want to do some “soul-searching’’ to discover how we want to spend our time and energy – also work wise. So, the timing seemed perfect.

To get the most out of this experience, I joined the Reddit microdosing community, quit cigarettes and alcohol for a month and started keeping tabs on how I was feeling by using a journal. In my journal, I would rate my mood, focus and energy from one to five and keep track of the dosage. I set a clear intention of what I wanted to obtain through this experience. I would say that my mind is usually extremely busy, and I tend to worry a lot and deal with anxiety. Now most of the time my head is a happy place, I just always have 23 tabs open thinking about the past, future and I spend a lot of time daydreaming. Sometimes this does bother me as I am hardly ever present and often don’t have a lot of extra mental space. Therefore, I really wanted to try microdosing, as I really see the value in quieting down the mind and have more control over my mental processes.

I remember taking my first dose and being hyper-aware of any changes taking place, as I’ve read so many amazing stories on Reddit. My hopes were high.  It was a rainy day and my boyfriend and I were sitting in the ‘soon to be office’ (remember we are still renovating and the house is a mess). So, I was looking out of the window and see the rain droplets coming down and I notice my mind is quiet and peaceful. The first few weeks I decided to keep my dosage really low (around .2) and after some time I decided to up them to (0.7). I definitely experienced a difference in that during the day my mind would be quieter and more present. I also had one experience while sitting in the train alone and listening to nice music and feeling soo damn good. No happy thoughts, or any thoughts at all.. Just bliss!

So overall, I saw an improvement, but I cannot say that I am fully cured of overanalyzing and anxiety, but maybe it takes a bit more time? In addition, I would really advise to microdose while your living space is done, and you have a peaceful place to relax. Max and I were stripping down walls, constantly drilling, painting and doing renovations every day. I didn’t really have a spot to quiet down, listen to some music or practice yoga. Now that the house is almost done, I definitely want to microdose again. This time however, I really want to spend more attention to journaling and taking the time to check in. I truly believe in the benefits of microdosing, but for some people the real rewards take a bit more time.

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