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Microdosing brought the happiness in my life back

My name is Jasper(40),

I have ADHD and all the mess that comes with it. Actually from the age of 15 I was quite confused in certain areas in my life and therefor I smoked a lot of Marihuana, Ritalin and later on a lot of alcohol consumption to stop the noise in my head and body. Now, besides the above, I have been lucky to be very ambitious as well, so I was able to channel the indomitable energy in to my work. I am a cook and have my own theatrical catering company "de kok au vin.'' Besides my work I do a lot of sports: boxing, endurance running and acrobatics. This certainly gives a certain calmness. But also works as a kind of noise cancelling mechanism to my problems. The problem is that the cancellation sometimes blows off, often unexpectedly and almost always at the wrong moment.

Now I've tried a lot in my search for peace and quietness in my head and body. Through a friend I came to microdosing. In the beginning quite skeptical, but after the first dose actually very surprised by the big effect it has on me.

A kind of peace came into my head that I did not know about myself. The thoughts that normally always popped through my head like a kind of tornado, suddenly presented themselves calmly and clearly one by one. Unbelievable! 

The first time I was only able to persevere for a week because I could not really get used to it and was quite shocked by it. I never knew this existed and had the feeling that for a moment I wasn't myself anymore. After about a month I dared again to start using microdosing again.

In the meantime I had stopped drinking alcohol and planned to keep it up for a year. Now we are 4 months further and I started again with a month of microdosing. Because of the corona measures I'm currently out of work. Normally a time where I would become a bit crazy and would definitely fall back into the old patterns.

But now I'm enjoying myself. My family, the tranquility in my head and nature. I'm working on a plan which I've been facing for a long time because of a certain fear that I thought I wouldn't be able to do it. Bizarre how a little bit of microdosing can have such an enormous impact. Even if it were a placebo...

Even then, I have grown in myself. Even the months that I don't take anything are going well. Sometimes still some restlessness but then I can return faster and more clearly to the peace then ever before. It is literally as if a new path has arisen and it is one that I love to walk.

Have a sincere desire again for the next 40 years of my life.

See you in the future!

With great greetings Jasper Boomsma.

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  • Hi there,
    I’ve started the protocol but really don’t notice a difference on my 6th day, taking them every other day. Any suggestions?


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