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On The Road To Salvation with Earth Resonance

On The Road To Salvation

Enlightening, heaven on earth, connecting with god, inner peace and discovering the wisdom of the soul. All these things I find quite cliché to write down. It’s the judgemental voice in my head, the voice who provides a constant inner dialogue. But I’m not letting my own judgements block my way. The way of life the universe is showing me to take. The way of life I love to walk, a way of life I love to live.

In the upcoming article I’ll be reflecting on myself during the last month and I’d like to ask you to join me on this mind traveling journey. If you nod in agreement and tag along, I sincerely hope you find joy as you read along. May it resonate with your vibe.

I strongly felt the need to be creative, but in my habitual life I found it hard to create opportunities to let the creator in me flourish. So... I changed my outer world. I moved from Groningen to Berlin for a month of vacation. From my moms’ in the middle of nature to my own small place in the middle of concrete. I brought a guitar, some clothes, books and stuff to write, but most importantly; I took all the courage I could find with me.

I also brought a small package of magic Lions Manefrom Earth Resonance. I saw this as a good moment to experiment with micro-dosing as I heard and read stories about it being very helpful in raising awareness in life. For me this is one of the, if not THE ONE, thing(s) I value most and I want to live my life up to. To be aware as much as possible; in whatever moment or situation, regardless of who I’m with, in whatsoever I do. I would like to be aware of how I feel and be with my mind in peace right here and right now. No time traveling. I would like to be just present in the present. The biggest gift, the greatest present, you can give someone/something is your presence. Engage fully with what is alive in the other being and you’ll be able to sense a connection in a deep loving and harmonious way.

I learned this by experience. I learned to accept a situation peacefully and let go of any judgements about it. It felt deeply relieving. Like a salvation. To be able to leave the thoughts flow by. To leave them be for what they are. These mind-opening experiences gave me more presence and when I was more present, I had more eye for detail. Life is so beautiful. And not just in spring or when the sun is shining. Life IS beautiful. ALWAYS! If you take a break and take you time to see a flower from up close, you’ll see so many details. So many small parts that all together form this one thing we see as a flower. But the act to just be with a flower, without giving it any names, without judgements, and observe, brought me so much joy and feelings of being connected. Being connected with life. Being connected with nature. Being connected with myself. Being connected with the universe. A feeling of wholesome. There is no separation, no division. This is all created by us human beings with our great minds. We think we are so smart. But look around you. We abuse this earth. We abuse the nature. And for how long can we go on like this? I’ve come to the realization that WE ARE NATURE. There’s no way you can argue about that. Use your sanity. Think clear. In order to live, we need approximately the right amounts of oxygen, water and nutrients. What about any other living entity on this planet? We inhale oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide. Trees need carbon dioxide, water and nutrients. Trees inhale carbon dioxide, trees exhale oxygen. It all makes sense. We are part of the beautiful cycle ofnature and I know we both love to keep participating in this cycle. So let’s feel inspired to think for ourselves how we would like to see the world today in a sustainable way. Without sustainability we won’t have the ability to see the world today in a few decades. So let’s not be sad, cry and sit down about this. Let’s bemotivated to change our harmful habits into humble habits to each other and our Mother. Because we are one entity, us human beings. Brothers and sisters of Mother Nature.

This wisdom I try to live up to myself. I trip and I get up. The experience of micro-dosing with Earth Resonance helped me incredibly to open up and connect with this ancient wisdom. Im grateful to be on the road to salvation with some support from nature, because pure natural is what Lions Maneis. Just like you and me. Please dare to be yourself. Dare to be nature.

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