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Microdosing with Earth Resonance and the Protocol

My first experience with psychedelics was Earth Resonance. Going on a macro dose trip has always been something Ive been scared of. On the other hand, I am have always believed in the strengths of psychedelics, so a micro dose seemed like a good start.

I ordered natural Psilocybin and decided to start my journey. Beforehand, I bought a journal and wrote down certain things I wanted to get sorted during my month of micro dosing. These things were mostly around focusing on what / who brings me energy and how do I connect my ratio with my emotional status. Pretty big focus points that I didnt expect to be fully realized in one month, but what a step Ive made!

My first day was probably the most intense, I was so ready to feel the effects and made great progress in the items on the list in my journal. I took 0,25 gram and went for a long walk. I felt very energized and determined to nail my challenges.

During the month of micro dosing, there was more alignment between my ratio and emotional status. I had more emotional moments than usual, but was also able to explain them more clearly, which helped me immensely. This probably is the biggest achievement and something I now focus on more to develop that.

I played around with the dose a bit and along the month I felt that I could up the dose. My third dose was 0,45 and that was too much at that time. I felt very tired and a bit dizzy. I went back to 0,25 and along the way I upped it a bit. Towards the end of the month, my highest dose was 0,5 gram and I think that building it up worked very well for me.


I have achieved two key results that I definitely connect to my usage of the micro dosing in combination with writing down my experience and the goals. I would absolutely recommend to write down goals you want to achieve that month.

  1. I ended a relationship that didnt give me the energy anymore that I should have, this was dragging for about 5 months and I felt so much more decisive and ready to focus on positivity in my life.

  2. Noticeable more connected to my emotions and the origin of them. I was able to connect previous trauma to new situations and therefore was able to work through them.

What I would do different

During my time, I still sometimes consumed alcohol, as I wanted to use the micro dosing in a way that would suit my normal lifestyle. Using the micro dose on the day after alcohol, had less positive effects than when not using alcohol. I think that combining a full healthy lifestyle with micro dosing will have a greater effect.

Also, with is more related to the product, I had about 1/2 - 1/3 left of mushrooms that I had to throw away, This was very unfortunate, so hopefully in future there is a possibility to get maybe two pressed packages with the same amount, so I can save it.


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