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Starter package - Earth Resonance
Starter package - Earth Resonance
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Starter package

Earth Resonance
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Microdosing Starter Package

1. Natural Psilocybe - Raw sclerotia
contains a Natural source of Psilocybin.
• 16 grams in package: 4 x 4 grams
• 4 vacuum sealed bags in 1 pack
• Open a new vacuum sealed package every week during your Microdosing Cycle
• Suitable for 1-month microdosing
• Grown on ancient grains (gluten-free)
• Specifically beneficial for low dosing and introspection
This is a fresh and raw product. Store directly in the fridge to preserve quality.

2. Microdosing Scale.
This Microscale measures to 0.01 grams and helps you to exactly calculate the weight of your preferred dose. We recommened to start with a low dosage level of 0.3 grams on your free day. Test how you feel and build up your dosage level slowly to your preference. Please read our Protocol for Dosing Instructions. Please dose consciously.

3. Earth Resonance Protocol for Personal Transformation
Our Protocol:
- Set intentions to prepare your cycle
- Dosing schedule
- Self Reflection Questions
- Resonance Practices
- Evaluation Calendar
- Meditation
- Breath exercise
- Everyday Affirmation

Natural Psilocybe
Fresh, raw pre-cut Sclerotia. This product contains a natural source of Psilocybin. This is a fresh product and is not processed. No powder, preservatives, fillers, or artificial ingredients. Allergen Free. This product is not dried and does not contain capsules.

Natural Psilocybe is specifically grown to dose for low dosage levels and is highly potent. It is designed for the intention of introspection. Focus on your specific intention and dose every other day for the best results.

  • Inner Harmony:
  • Feeling of Wellbeing
  • Self Reflection
  • Boost in Productivity

Do not consume alcohol or caffeine during your 30-days cycle.


Store in your refrigerator directly. Keep moisture-free, close the packaging carefully and protected against UV light.

The packaging Natural Psilocybe contains 4 vacuum sealed packages of 4 grams Psilocybe (in total 16 grams).

- Unopened: If you keep the 4 vacuum sealed bags closed, you can keep them fresh for 2 to 3 months if you store them in the fridge directly. You can open one vacuum sealed bag every week during your 30 days Cycle. This means you have a fresh pack of 4 grams every week.

- Opened: If you open one vacuum sealed bag, you have to consume it within 14 days. This is to preserve the quality and potency. You have 4 vacuum sealed bags, so every week you can open a fresh package.

Consume every other day for 30 days and then take a 30 days break. After this break you may start a new 30 days cycle. Read the protocol for dosing instructions.

We recommend using the Micro Scale. This helps you to exactly calculate the weight, you can start with 0.3 grams and increase your dose with 0.1 every other day until you reach your plateau. Please reduce your dose with -0.1 gr. This is your preferred dose. Do not exceed 1.5 grams per dosing day. The Preferred dose differs per person. Read our Protocol for more instructions.


Best is to consume raw on an empty stomach in the morning. If you do not like the taste you can mix it in your tea, smoothie or shake. 

The Earth Resonance Protocol is included in your order and will be send to your email address. We give you the right tools to transform your life step by step, including:

• How do you set the right intentions
• Earth Resonance Pyramid
• Evaluation calendar
• Reflection exercises
• Microdosing schedule
• Delicious recipes
• Gratitude exercise
• Breathing exercises
• Meditation

You can download our E-book after your order is received. Read carefully to prepare yourself before starting your 30-day cycle.


With Earth Resonance we work together with different practices, scientist and pioneers. Our Protocol can be used for therapeutic use. Are you a scientist, psychiatrist, coach or other mental health profession aligned to our mission? Send us an E-mail to


We do our best to ship our products discreetly with the best possible partners to make it affordable and fast. Please read our shipping policy before you place your order. When you place your order you automatically agree to our Shipping Policy.


At Earth Resonance it's our mission to bring back the sacred use and healing benefits of plant medicine used by ancient civilizations. It's our ambition to help you transform your life with the help of mother nature's most powerful fungi.

We only work with leading farmers in the Netherlands specialized in the most important thing, honoring the earth and high potency of our products, by growing Psilocybe slowly and with care. The state-of-the-art facility is a completely controlled environment (temperature, hydro system etc.) with standardized parameters suitable for microdosing. The fertility of the soil is the base of our product, that is why we grow our fungi on ancient grains, the most nutritious soil, to guarantee the best quality and bio-availability.

We do not offer fresh and highly bio-active natural supplements. At Earth Resonance we are dedicated to making plant medicine accessible to all and we believe that education is the key to spreading awareness about the incredible healing potential of these natural remedies.